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20 facts about the Holy Bible you might not know

It goes without saying, that the Holy Bible is the most read book of all times. For many this great book is a life guide that soothes thei...

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The Bible is so rich in events and thoughts that it takes many years and many bright hearts to get to know some of its wisdom. Here are 20 of peculiar facts about the Bible that you might haven’t known before.

1. The King James Bible has inspired the lyrics of more pop songs than any other book.

2. The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world.

3. The Bible is available in 2,454 languages.

4. Bibliomancy is the practice by some people of opening the Bible at random to be guided by whatever verse they see first.

5. Swearing on the Bible is forbidden by the Bible
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6. Possessing Bibles, watching South Korean movies and distributing pornography may be punished with death in North Korea.

7. There’s an organization that parachutes copies of the Bible into North Korea.

8. The Bible was Isaac Newton’s greatest passion, writing more about religion than science and mathematics.

9. When Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia, felt unwell, he would eat a few pages of the Bible.

10. There’s no physical description of Jesus in the Bible.


11. According to the Bible, David was offered the King’s daughter if he came back with 100 foreskins of slain enemies. He came back with 200.

12. Nowhere in the Bible does it say there were three wise men, just three gifts.

13. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute or even overtly sexual.

14. The phrase “God never gives you more than you can handle” never appears in the Bible and actually the opposite is said many times.

15. There is a version of the Bible translated into Hawaiian Pidgin called ‘Da Jesus Book’.

16. In the Bible, God sent two bears to murder 42 children because they had mocked a man for being bald.
17. Satan was never named “Lucifer.” The only use of the word Lucifer in the Bible was by Isaiah, who was referring to the fall of Babylon, not Satan.
18. There is a “Gospel of Judas” not found in the Bible that speaks of Judas as the only one of Jesus’ disciples who fully understood his teachings. He turned Jesus over to the Romans because Jesus asked him to.

19. The longest chapter if the Bible is Psalm 119 with 176 verses. The shortest chapter is Psalm 117 with only 2 verses. Incidentally, the middle chapter of the Bible is also Psalm 117.

20. There are more than 3,200 verses with fulfilled prophecy either within the Bible itself or since the Bible was written. But there are still more than 3,100 verses with unfulfilled prophecies.

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