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TV1 Tanzania kurusha mechi za ligi kuu Uingereza kupitia Startimes Pekee.

Joseph Sayi Mkurugenzi mkuu wa TV 1 Tanzania akizungumza na waandishi wa habari wakati wa uzinduzi wa kuonesha mechi za ligi kuu ya Uinge...

Joseph Sayi Mkurugenzi mkuu wa TV 1 Tanzania akizungumza na waandishi wa habari wakati wa uzinduzi wa kuonesha mechi za ligi kuu ya Uingereza  zitakazooneshwa kupitia kituo cha televisheni cha TV 1 ambacho kitapatikana kwenye king'amuzi cha Startimes pekee.
 Gillian Rugumamu Meneja masoko wa TV 1 Tanzania akizungumza na waandishi wa habari (hawapo pichani) kuhusu kituo cha televisheni cha TV 1 kilivyojipanga kuonesha mechi za ligi kuu ya Uingereza itakayoaanza wiki ijayo, huku TV1 Tanzania ikipatikana kupitia ving'amuzi vya startimes pekee.
DR.  Ricky Abdallah ambaye ni Mchambuzi wa masuala ya Soka Nchini akizungumza na waandishi wa habari kuhusiana  na  uzinduzi wa kuonyesha Mechi za ligi kuu za Uingereza zitakazokuwa zinaonyeshwa na kituo cha TV 1 kuanzia msimu huu huku kituo hiko cha TV1 Tanzania kikipatikana katika Ving'amuzi vya Startimes peke yake.
Meneja wa Uzalishaji wa Vipindi wa TV1, Mukhsin Mambo  akionesha waandishi wa habari sehemu ya itakayotumika kurushia matangazo ya mechi za ligi ya Uingereza zitakazorushwa kupitia kituo cha Televisheni cha TV 1.

Tv1 Tanzania has been granted a sub-license to exclusively air the upcoming 2016/17 season of the English Premier League in Tanzania on free-TV, making the channel the only local broadcaster with such rights.
The English Premier League season kicks-off on Saturday, 13th August 2016.  Tv1 Tanzania will air live matches every Saturday evening up to the season finale in May 2017.

TV1 Tanzania General Manager, Joseph Sayi said: “Sports content and football in particular, is one of the most popular broadcast entertainment options here in Tanzania and across the globe. This is why we Tv1 Tanzania through our licensed partners decided to add the English Premier League to our portfolio of top quality programs.”

He added that this is indicative of  TV1 Tanzania’s commitment to bringing quality entertainment into the living rooms of Tanzanians at absolutely no cost. Tv1 Tanzania is a fast growing local channel that commenced its operations in Tanzania in January 2014. The channel has invested in the free-TV rights to air the English Premier League in an effort to broaden its scope of content.

On her part, TV1 Tanzania’s Marketing Manager, Gillian Rugumamu said: “Having ascended to being one of the leading entertainment channels in Tanzania within a short period of time has enabled TV1 to establish a strong reputation for producing and sourcing the best local and Pan-African content that resonates with the Tanzanian audiences, therefore, we are delighted to bring the English Premier League for free to the Tanzanian market and we expect this program to help us grow and broaden our audience base especially among the younger demographic.”

She added that this step will set a new standard for the choice of content available in Tanzania.  

Irene Stanley, Tv1’s Head of Programming said TV1 is broadening its spectrum from being a female skewed entertainment channel by adding top-notch sports content such as the English Premier League and other major sporting codes to be aired in the near future.

Along with the Premier League content, TV1’s production team is preparing a grand sports studio platform in anticipation of the main event from which previews, highlights and live matches will be discussed using high technology equipment, renowned hosts and seasoned production experts.
Production is expected to be a big part of the proceedings featuring sports experts from  Tanzania and abroad.

Tv1, is currently running a campaign dubbed “Toroka Uje Tv1”  which loosely translated invites football viewers to[JS1]  tune in to Tv1 Tanzania, the only channel in the country that will be airing one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world for free and bringing  Tanzanians than ever before, access to the very best in sports programming.
TV1 is available through StarTimes - channel 103, Azam - channel 119 and Ting - channel 36


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